Pablo Carrillo

Pablo Carrillo

Pablo Carrillo

10+ years experience Backend developer

I am Backend developer @

Work hard, keep learning, but don't forget to enjoy the journey. As a computer scientist, you'll always need to stay on top of the latest technologies, methodologies, and tools.

The key is to stay passionate about programming, devices, and all the exciting possibilities they offer. But don't forget to take breaks and remember the world beyond technology to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Embracing the challenges of the field with enthusiasm and staying connected with the world around us is key to succeeding as computer scientists and continuing to grow in our profession.



Mainly PHP/MYSQL. I've been working also with C++, JavaScript, Python and Non-Relational Databases

Clean Code

Clean architectures and Clean code patterns. 4 year working with DDD and Ports and adapters. Learning CQRS.

Frameworks and Technologies

Symfony, Sylius, MYSQL, Mongo, Dynamo, Elastic Search, Docker, AWS (EC2, S3, SNS), Databricks, SOAP, REST, GIT, etc.

Soft Skills

Excellent team player, highly committed to my work and projects. Polite and calm person and almost always happy.


10+ Years of Experience


2022 - Current

Professional Javascript Development


Currently, I am following Platzi's learning path for professional JavaScript, where I am deepening my knowledge of native JavaScript, TypeScript, NodeJs, Nest, React, and React Native. My goal is to be able to participate productively in the Front-end processes of my company.


CQRS pattern and hexagonal architecture

Carlos Buenosvinos

Carlos Buenosvinos is one of the most recognized experts in the country in CQRS and hexagonal architecture. I had the pleasure of studying with him in several workshops to carry out the migration from Monolithic MVC to microservices in my current company.




In order to cover the full spectrum of technologies required by my company at the time, I had to study in depth the functioning of SEO and SEM, achieving excellent results in a short amount of time

2010 - 2011

Higher Technician in Computer Application Development

Higher Education School El Lago

The El Lago School Education Institute, located in Madrid, is renowned for its high level of academic rigor and demanding standards for its students. During my time there, I acquired knowledge in clean and well-structured code, as well as a deep understanding of SQL.


2018 - Current


Opositatest is the leading company in Spain for multiple-choice test exams to prepare for public sector job competitions, my role is senior backend developer using Hexagonal architecture, with a touch of native Javascript front-end, as well as a bit of data engineering using PySpark and Databricks.

2015 - 2018



The need to program at a higher level brought me to Confirmsign, where I joined one of Spain's most promising startups. Working with tight deadlines, logical challenges, and a complex application that manages thousands of daily communications, all within an excellent work environment. Fitting in with a company like this and being well-regarded by my colleagues makes me particularly proud of this phase of my career.

2012 - 2015

Full-stack developer

Instituto Castelao

I joined Castelao in its early stages, which allowed me to take responsibility for the company's entire digital infrastructure. I developed the public website and internal patient management application. I launched SEM campaigns and fine-tuned the company's SEO, resulting in consistent growth in patient acquisition during my nearly 4 years of working there.

2011 - 2012

Full-stack developer

GLOBOsapiens GmbH.

For a year and a half, I worked as a programmer for the German second-hand sales portal Findix in Munich, which received over 5,000 daily visits. I owe the foundations of my knowledge to this company and its CEO, Andreas Pucko, who took me from my first months as an intern to managing and developing version 2.0 of the portal, which is the current online version.

Coding Skills

Clean Code

Design Patterns


SQL and Data engineering

Performance an monitoring

Soft Skills




Work ethic



Get in Touch

Get in Touch

Here you are. That's good news. If you liked mi CV and are interested in working with me, don't hesitate to contact me. Here you will find several ways to do so.

A Coruña, Spain
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